By definition, Nexus means a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. Well, in light of the new Pixel phones the Nexus is getting disconnected.

Oh sure, there should still be security updates, but where as Pixel phones get the new Google Assistant, Nexus phones do not. Where Pixel phones get unlimited storage for full-resolution photos and videos (including 4K), Nexus phones are lumped with the rest of the average and sub-par phones of the world and their resolution is downgraded to “high-quality” whatever that means.

I feel like Google has abandoned all about their loyal Nexus children (unless they upgrade). I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way. Despite my years of campaigning to friends and family about the virtuous Nexus line (the one that was supposed to always have the latest and greatest directly from Google) I and many other loyal Nexus owners are forgotten. Because of these broken promises I’ll be more hesitant to recommend a Google phone (whatever the name) in the future1.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Pixel looks great. I’m not crazy about the half and half back with glass and metal2, but I wasn’t crazy about the camera hump on my Nexus 6p either3. I could make an argument that it’s in Google best interest to release Google Assistant to all phones (not just Pixel/Nexus phones) or that Google competitors offer unlimited full-res photo storage4, but in light of their latest move I’m not confident that they would see reason.

But I’m not ready to upgrade5. I had sticker shock, but it’s more than that. Despite the Pixel commercial telling me otherwise, I didn’t see anything new in the Pixel phone. Sure there’s more RAM and more processor, but the rest of the updates are all software, including the camera6.

In short, I felt the Nexus promise was that I wouldn’t feel like I was being forgotten (like every other phone manufacturer). What makes companies fail7? Poor customer service, making customers feel like they’re forgotten.

  1. Recommendations are the most important marketing tactic your product can have. 

  2. That just looks weird. 

  3. I got used to it. 

  4. ShoeBox Amazon Prime Yes, it’s true neither of these offer unlimited video storage. Google should be better than that. 

  5. I can’t justify a new phone every year. 

  6. I get that the new image stabilization may need more RAM, but it’s still a software change. 

  7. I’m not talking about bankruptcy, I think Google as a whole will do just fine.