My awesome wife asked me to do her a favor, “Can you write a tutorial on how to add an HTML widget to a Wordpress blog?”

While I’m sure that there is already probably fifty explanations on how to do it, but well, I’ll write it anyway:

Step One: Smile. Think to yourself, “This is easy. I can do this.”

Step Two: Open your Wordpress Admin page.

Step Three: Navigate to Appearance > Widgets

Step D: Select the widget type you want. If you’re doing an HTML widget, select “Text: Arbitrary text or HTML”

Step E: Drag the button to the sidebar (you may have more than one) that you want to have the widget on.

Step F: Stop worrying about the fact that I changed my enumeration system half way through.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.17.38 PMStep G: Expand the widget editor by clicking on it and editing the title (optional) and the body of your widget (see image).

Step H: Click Save.

Step I: Check your changes by navigating to your blog.

Step J: If there are changes you want to make, go back to Step One, skip Step D, and continue until you have the widget in the way you want it.

Step K: That is it.