Perhaps I’m unusual, but I can’t be the only one who wants a bigger tablet than the iPad. The Galaxy Tab from Samsung is coming out and it’s smaller than the iPad. This seems to be a trend. All of the iPad “Contenders” have been smaller, many significantly smaller, and I’m sick of it—I want a bigger screen!

Now, I realize that Android has a long ways to go before it is really as fun and easy to use as the iPad (two things that guarantee success), but they can at least make it easier with a larger screen. Rumors say that Apple too is coming out with a smaller iPad. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think they’ve already got one I guess people want something in between, but why?

To me, the iPad has been such a success because it is more pleasant to use than an iPod Touch or iPhone, more or less because it’s bigger. It’s easier to read and interact with the content because there’s more space to tap, pinch, see, etc. (While I’m on my soap box, how many multitouch fingers can you even fit on a screen the size of the new iPod nano?)

My message to all tablet developers out there, make ‘em bigger! I’d like to see a 13 in tablet soon. Eventually I’d like to have a very large touch-screen desk computer, but in the mean time I’d like to see Android tablet developers get their act together and build something that is really comprable to the iPad.

Here’s your chance to tell me I’m crazy. Do you like the smaller-is-better trend?

I completely agree! All this talk of 7" ipads seems like the exact opposite of what apple should be doing. Since the first week of using mine I've thought that the screen real-estate should be closer to the traditional 8.5 x 11 size that all humanity is used to. I realize that there is an exponential cost in size of screens, but I would hope that future versions get closer to this size and lighter in weight. BTW, my ipad is used strictly around the house, sofa, bed, for all but photoshop computing needs. All the rest of my computing is done at work on a work computer, so I'm probably not the target audience for the ipad. Not to mention that I think that another data plan for the 3g ipads is sheer piracy/stupidity on the part of the evil empire. But I digress. Thanks, B
benson on 2010-09-29 20:11:24.0