Well, Google Wave in no longer going to receive support. I’m in a funk. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I used Google Wave for a lot of things, a little bit of collaboration, but mostly I used it as a study journal. I found it to be a great place to keep notes, make them searchable, and organize them in ways that made sense.

I also would have used it to organize events, gatherings, projects, etc. with other people, if they had had Google Wave—but they did’t, in fact, that is the reason why progress on the Google Wave project has been halted, there wasn’t enough adoption.

Personally, I think that Google could have had more adoption if they had integrated it with their gmail. If it is integrated into gmail, then there will be more adoption, people won’t have to check both their email and their Wave account. What if they had a “Create a Wave from this email” button? Other recipients would have access to the Wave and would be able to see the updates (live and otherwise) that were made.

Oh well, now I just need to find some alternative, anyone have any suggestions?

Look into Evernote or Google Docs.
Anthony on 2010-08-13 21:11:15.0
Yeah, I use both of those. I will probably use Evernote as my study journal, but I still like Google Wave much better.
Mahon on 2010-08-16 12:25:47.0