According to Jobs, some people are uncomfortable about a “post-PC era.” He has a point. A lot of people I talk to say that they wish that the iPad was more than a “big iPhone”, that they could never imagine writing lengthy documents without a “real keyboard”, or they wonder why the iPad is so limited—in short people don’t want to limit themselves with a tablet when they could just keep their laptop and do more than a tablet can, but that is all besides the point.

The tablet won’t replace the PC overnight, but it will replace the PC. I don’t think that anyone, even Jobs himself, believes that PCs will be abruptly replaced by tablet computers. If all the computers disappeared and only the tablets remained, the world would indeed be a sad place, but we don’t need to be scared about that happening for one reason: tablets aren’t ready.

Tablets will replace computers, but not the limited-use devices that we call tablets today. The tablets that are to come will be just as full-featured, albeit simpler, than our present day computers. In fact, tablets will be even cooler because they will be more intuitive, more robust, and more wide-spread than the PC ever was. When tablets can compete with all of the important functions of the PC, then they will replace PC, but not a moment before. No one wants to move backwards, so tablets must necessarily move forward. Tablets will run all the same applications as PCs, they will just be revamped to run on a more intuitive UI, and that is why we shouldn’t be worried about tablets replacing PCs—because the PC will become the tablet.

The best part is, the tablets will still run all the same software, but be easier to use—so why worry?