Why is Apple so strict in their app store? Yes, they want to protect their image and all, but what if they are simply security minded?

It is undeniable fact that any system built by man can be torn down by another man especially in IT. We can protect our systems and programs all we want, but if someone is truly determined, a hole will be found and the system will be compromised. Windows is absolutely riddled with malware, it’s true, but this also means that Apple isn’t invulnerable. It’s sad that we have to worry about viruses in our world, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are there.

Until now there has a limited number of ways to deal with malware: computer hardening, detect it and trow it away and a few others, but what if there was one trustworthy entity that either allowed or disallowed every program that could create or run a process on your machine? If you want to produce an application for their product you must submit the application to them and they will review it. They will review it to ensure that it is stable and that it won’t mess anything up.

Is it possible that in 10 years when Microsoft or Google or someone else competes with Apple that they will indicate to the masses, “Our iron-tight system is thus because we don’t let any riff-raff into our app store, with anyone else you could get viruses, trojans, and all sorts of things you don’t want on your computer.” Maybe this is an idea for the other guys to follow… well maybe not follow verbatim but to some degree at least.

This answers a lot of questions if its accurate. And while Apple may very well have this end in mind, I don’t think that this is their only goal. What do you think?

I bet security is a part of the reason. Interesting that I've not heard anyone else speak to that point.
Mark Richardson on 2010-06-02 10:01:19.0